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E-commerce the Way Forward for ASEAN’s Retail Sector

E-commerce would play an important role to integrate the ASEAN retail sector. High E-commerce growth rate in major ASEAN members is a clear indication that more consumers are adapting to E-Commerce as part of their retail experience. As E-commerce grows its share in contribution to the overall economy, its impact to economic growth and job creation will also be significant.

Despite such optimism, the borderless nature of E-commerce also creates a unique set of challenges. As a region with different level of economic developments, political systems, languages and cultures, there are also significant obstacles in realising its potential. The inability to address such challenges effectively also prevents optimal economic growth, job creation and the integration of a strong AEC.

The roundtable discussion was in framed in a way that will highlight issues such as gaps in technology infrastructure, implementation of law and taxation regulation and underdeveloped financial infrastructure for payment systems and data security.

Issues discussed:

  1. Challenges of E-commerce in ASEAN
  2. Technology infrastructure in facilitating growth of E-commerce
  3. E-commerce law implementation and tax laws
  4. Logistics capability of ASEAN members

Sector Champion

Dr. James T. Riady
CEO, Lippo Group

Arthur Tan

Geir Olsen, A.T. Kearney

Research Partner

Geir Olsen
Partner, AT Kearney
Chua Soon Ghee,
Managing Director SEA, AT Kearney
Olivler Gergele,
Senior Manager, AT Kearney
Siddharth Pathak
Manager, AT Kearney