Mekong Monitor

8 November, 2018

Photo credit: Real Estate   TRADE, ECONOMY, AND INVESTMENT   CAMBODIA EBA withdrawal could affect Cambodia’s real estate sector (7 November 2018) The potential discontinuation of the European Union’s duty-free trade privileges under its

China-ASEAN Monitor

7 November, 2018

Photo credit: CGTN   Economy, Investment and Trade English language Smart FTAX to help facilitate trade (5 November 2018) The English language version of China’s Smart FTAX System was launched on the sidelines of

Indonesia: 3Q18 direct investments

7 November, 2018
By Lim Yee Ping, Economist, CIMB Research and Economics and Michelle Chia, Economist, CIMB Research and Economic

HIGHLIGHTS 3Q18 direct investments Direct investments (DI) fell 5.7% yoy to US$12.5bn in 3Q18 due to a deeper contraction in foreign direct investments (FDI) of 20.2% yoy to US$6.6bn. DI in manufacturing sector was

China-ASEAN Monitor

31 October, 2018

File Photo   Economy, Investment and Trade Bright prospects for China-ASEAN economic ties in the next 20 years (26 October 2018) China’s economic boom and increasing income levels augur well for its ASEAN partners

China-ASEAN Monitor

24 October, 2018

Photo credit: New Mandala   Economy, Investment and Trade China to expand trade and investment relations with Vietnam and Cambodia (19 October 2018) China will enhance cooperation in areas such as trade and investment

Malaysia: Economic Focus

23 October, 2018
By Michelle Chia, Economist, CIMB Research and Economic and Lim Yee Ping, Economist, CIMB Research

HIGHLIGHTS Striking the right balance Key elements to watch in Budget 2019: Detailed fiscal framework, spending adjustments and revenue enhancements, like asset sales and taxes. Budget deficit to widen to 3.5-3.7% of GDP in

Singapore: September 2018 trade

22 October, 2018
By Michelle Chia, Economist, CIMB Research and Economic and Sofea Azahar, Economist, CIMB Research and Economics

HIGHLIGHTS September 2018 trade NODX jumped to 8.3% yoy in September after a slower gain of 5.0% yoy in August due to sturdier growth in pharmaceuticals and narrower contraction in electronics. MAS raised the

Mekong Monitor

18 October, 2018

Photo Credit: Vietnam Plus   TRADE, ECONOMY, AND INVESTMENT   VIETNAM Mekong Delta Ports requires better connectivity to enhance efficiency (14 October 2018) River and sea ports in the Mekong Delta system of Group