07 March, 2016
As appeared in Bloomberg

Senior Fellow of the CIMB ASEAN Research Institute Pauline Loong spoke on Bloomberg about the big gap in China’s policy blueprint for the next five years. She pointed out that notably missing from the outline of China’s Five Year Plan is any mention of strategies to deal with possible large-scale capital outflows once the currency barrier is dismantled, as envisioned in the push for renminbi globalization.


Mekong Monitor

21 March, 2019

Photo credit: The Irrawaddy   TRADE, ECONOMY, AND INVESTMENT   MYANMAR, THAILAND Myanmar and Thailand opens new bridge link on the East-West Economic Corridor (19 March 2019) Myanmar State Counselor Daw Aung San Suu

China-ASEAN Monitor

20 March, 2019

Photo credit: New Mandala   Economy, Investment and Trade   China-ASEAN trade volume hits record high in 2018 (15 March 2019) Trade between China and ASEAN saw a 14.1% year-on-year increase in 2018 to

Indonesia: February 2019 trade

18 March, 2019
By Lim Yee Ping, Economist, CIMB Research and Economics and Michelle Chia, Economist, CIMB Research and Economic |

HIGHLIGHTS February 2019 trade The trade balance swung into a surplus of US$330m in February amid a steeper contraction in imports relative to exports. February’s rebound lowered cumulative trade deficit to US$734m in 2M19

Malaysia: January 2019 industrial production

15 March, 2019

HIGHLIGHTS January 2019 industrial production IPI growth beat expectations at 3.2% yoy in January, as a jump in electricity output and resilient manufacturing production offset declining mining output. While the downturn in E&E growth

Mekong Monitor

14 March, 2019

Photo credit: Khmer Times   TRADE, ECONOMY, AND INVESTMENT   CAMBODIA, LAOS, VIETNAM CLV Development Triangle Area committee discusses ways to boost economic cooperation (11 March 2019) The 12th Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam Development Triangle Area Joint

China-ASEAN Monitor

13 March, 2019

The Straits Times   Economy, Investment and Trade   China insists BRI benefits countries after Malaysia warns the Philippines (8 March 2019) Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi reiterated the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)’s

Vietnam: Inflation to tick-up but stay manageable

8 March, 2019

HIGHLIGHTS Inflation to tick-up but stay manageable Decreasing pork prices could temper the pace of food price inflation. The hike in electricity prices by 8.3% in March 2019 could add 0.3% to headline inflation,

Mekong Monitor

7 March, 2019

Photo credit: Bangkok Post   TRADE, ECONOMY, AND INVESTMENT   THAILAND, LAOS Thailand and Laos aim to link countries by high-speed rail by 2023 (6 March 2019) The Thai government hopes to complete the

China-ASEAN Monitor

6 March, 2019

Bangkok Post   Economy, Investment and Trade   Thailand records 49% jump in transit trade with southern China in January (4 March 2019) Thailand’s transit and border trade saw a year-on-year 1.84% increase, reaching