China-ASEAN Monitor

27 September, 2017

Photo Credit: Daily Mail Economy, Investment and Trade Monorail line to be built in Cambodia (27 September 2017) China Sky Railway Group will operate on a 10km line in Cambodia in May 2018, according

Don’t lose the shirt off our back

25 September, 2017

23 September 2017 Originally published in The Star Online WHILE they should not be negative about China, Asean member states should not however surrender their sovereign rights or abdicate from their commitment to greater

Myanmar Monitor

21 September, 2017

Photo Credit: Myanmar Monitor Economy, Investment and Trade Deeper port necessary to meet growing trade demands (19 September 2017) Logistics businesses from European and Japanese chambers have called for Myanmar to build a deep-sea

China-ASEAN Monitor

20 September, 2017

Photo Credit: The Star Online Economy, Investment and Trade Malaysian steel companies benefit from China’s clampdown (15 September 2017) Steel companies listed on Bursa Malaysia continue to be on the uptrend as China looks

Myanmar Monitor

14 September, 2017

Photo Credit: Retail News Asia Economy, Investment and Trade Business and investment prospects to improve (13 September 2017) According to U Maung Maung Win, Myanmar’s Deputy Minister of Planning and Finance, inflation pressures are

China-ASEAN Monitor

13 September, 2017

Photo Credit: New Straits Times Economy, Investment and Trade China-ASEAN expo seeks to boost cooperation (12 September 2017) China and ASEAN member countries look to strengthen cooperation in trade and investment during the 14th

Asean needs to think again

11 September, 2017

09 September 2017 Originally published in The Star Online AFTER the deserved 50th anniversary celebrations, Asean needs to take a long, hard look into the future, and to be ready for it. The trouble

China-ASEAN Monitor

6 September, 2017

Photo Credit: Tansettakij Multimedia Economy, Investment and Trade Economic ministers to advance the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (4 September 2017) Economic ministers from ASEAN are meeting in the Philippines to advance the Regional Comprehensive

China – friend or foe?

5 September, 2017

26 August 2017 Originally published in The Star Online THE 19th-century British statesman Lord Palmerston is reputed to have said: “There are no permanent friends, and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.” This has

China-ASEAN Monitor

30 August, 2017

Photo Credit: The Straits Times Economy, Investment and Trade Malaysia and China ties strengthen through their visa policy (28 August 2017) China and Malaysia will begin discussion on a reciprocal visa policy. Currently, the