Security forces deployed over riots in Indonesia’s Sulawesi

2 April, 2013
By The Jakarta Post | Source: ANN

The police in South and West Sulawesi, Indonesia, have announced they have deployed 1,100 personnel to the city of Palopo following yesterday’s riots that burned down several offices, including the office of the Palopo

Experts warn bird flu likely to have spread widely: Taiwan

2 April, 2013
By Joy Lee | Source: ANN

Health experts in Taipei said yesterday that the H7N9 bird flu epidemic might have spread widely, judging from the recent confirmed H7N9 cases from different areas in China. H7N9, a sub-type that had not

Dozens of doctors in Thailand quit over new salary system

2 April, 2013
By Pongphon Sarnsamak and Tanpisit Lerdbamrungchai | Source: ANN

The pay-for-performance scheme announced by the Public Health Ministry will damage the public health system in the long run, doctors say. The new medical salary system announced by Thailand’s Public Health MInistry has prompted

Singapore Mercantile Exchange hunting agricultural commodities

2 April, 2013
By Achara Deboonme | Source: ANN

Set up in 2010, the Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX), a pan-Asian commodity and currency derivatives exchange, is now hunting for more agricultural commodities from black pepper in Vietnam to rubber in Thailand, to become

HK steps up checks at entry points

2 April, 2013
By Li Xueying | Source: ANN

Hong Kong is stepping up inspections at border checkpoints and placing its hospitals on alert, as news of three infections in China from a strain of bird flu not found in humans before reverberate

Jakarta governor Jokowi seeks advice from S’pore

2 April, 2013
By Sita W Dewi | Source: ANN

Jakarta Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has consulted with the authorities in Singapore regarding the upcoming construction of mass rapid transit (MRT) in the Indonesian capital. The governor, along with the assistant to the city

Gender equality remains a touchy subject in southern Thailand

1 April, 2013
By Pravit Rojanaphruk | Source: ANN

While pushing for gender equality in Buddhist-majority areas of Thailand is difficult, selling the idea in the predominantly Muslim southernmost provinces is even tougher, the Law Reform Commission of Thailand (LRCT) discovered last week

Harley sees increasing sales in Indonesia this year

31 March, 2013
By Nurfika Osman | Source: ANN

PT Mabua Harley Davidson, the sole authorised dealer for the motorbike brand in Indonesia, is expecting higher sales this year, spurred by strong economic growth, which creates higher purchasing power for Indonesians, an executive