ASEAN Aviation: Ready for Take-off

17 December, 2012
By Chayut Setboonsarng

In the list of top ten airlines in the world, measured by international passengers flown, only one ASEAN carrier, Singapore airways, makes the list as the seventh busiest airline.1 The remainder of the list

Liberal Banking Regime: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

8 May, 2012
By Manissa van Geyzel

When Indonesia announced that it will limit foreign ownership of local banks from almost 100 per cent to just 50 per cent in 2011, it took no time at all for ASEAN co-members to

A Closer Look at Myanmar’s New Foreign Investment Law Draft

20 March, 2012
By Sóley Ómarsdóttir

The Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) released a draft of the new foreign investment laws, to media on Friday. Deputy Railways minister Lwin Thaung announced the revision of the law in January, claiming that the

The Promise and Perils of ASEAN’s Economic Growth

12 March, 2012
By Phar Kim Beng

The strength and robustness of an economy hinges on its ability to recover from recession, if not to avoid it altogether. ASEAN has achieved both. It has recovered from the Asian Financial Crisis of

Can ASEAN Still Learn from the European Union?

27 February, 2012
By Phar Kim Beng

It is clear that the European Union is still mired in various fiscal and financial difficulties while ASEAN and East Asia are not. There is no reason for hubris, however, because perturbations in the

The Timeliness of a new ASEAN

1 November, 2011
By John Pang

ASEAN ratified a Charter in 2008 and put in place a new legal and institutional framework for itself. This marked a change, in principle, from ASEAN being a loosely organised regional body run by

ASEAN For A New Era

9 May, 2011
By Dato' Sri Nazir Razak,

YESTERDAY’S ASEAN We stand between yesterday’s ASEAN, and tomorrow’s ASEAN. A new world is unfolding and we need a new ASEAN to meet its challenges and harness its opportunities. The old ASEAN was defined

Going By the Numbers of ASEAN

18 February, 2011
By Phar Kim Beng

Numbers alone cannot tell a full story. The United States (US) has the world’s largest federal debt, yet it is not expected to default. Japan’s national debt is equally damning, at more than 120