Whistleblowing laws in ASEAN in the context of ease of doing business

26 November, 2019
By Hanim Hamzah | 26 November 2019

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 25 November – 1 December 2019 edition. The World Bank Doing Business 2020 Report cited improvements in the ease of doing business in four ASEAN countries, with Singapore maintaining

Loong on China | US-China rivalry: The Hong Kong dimension

4 November, 2019
By Pauline Loong | 4 November 2019

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 4 – 10 November 2019 edition. Whatever the next policy move or interim deal between Washington and Beijing, the days of friendly competition are over. And the massive street

Great Expectations and the Belt-Road Backlash

23 May, 2019
By Pauline Loong | 23 May 2019

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 20th – 26th February 2019 edition. Countries do not have perpetual friends or perpetual enemies – only perpetual interests. That was as true in Lord Palmerston’s time as it

China’s economy: surviving, not quite thriving

20 February, 2019
By Pauline Loong | 20 February 2019

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 18th – 24th February 2019 edition. The Chinese economy is not about to implode despite the alarming media headlines of late. Things are not that bad … but they

China-ASEAN Monitor

12 December, 2018

Photo credit: AFP   Economy, Investment and Trade Indonesia seeks US$60 billion investment for Belt and Road infrastructure projects (7 December 2018) Indonesia is “currently in the discussion stages” with China concerning electricity, energy

China-ASEAN Monitor

5 December, 2018

Photo credit: Xinhua   Economy, Investment and Trade Rail-sea routes help ASEAN goods extend reach in China (2 December 2018) Southeast Asian commodities have benefited from the over 700 China-ASEAN rail-sea routes connecting traders

China-ASEAN Monitor

28 November, 2018

Photo credit: New Straits Times   Economy, Investment and Trade Malaysia bets on durian as demand from China rises (26 November 2018) Malaysia foresees a rise in large-scale durian farming as it expects a

China-ASEAN Monitor

21 November, 2018

Photo credit: People’s Daily Online   Economy, Investment and Trade Strategic partnership vision 2030 hailed as milestone in China-ASEAN relations (15 November 2018) China and ASEAN Member States adopted the China-ASEAN Partnership Vision 2030

China-ASEAN Monitor

14 November, 2018

File Photo   Economy, Investment and Trade 17th ASEAN-China Transport Ministers Meeting (8 November 2018) The Seventeenth ASEAN and China Transport Ministers Meeting (17th ATM+China) was co-chaired by the Thai transport minister and Chinese