Haze looms over region as hot spots multiply in Indonesia

17 June, 2013
By Zakir Hussain and Yong Yen Nie | Source: ANN

Smoke from forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia, caused air pollution to hit unhealthy levels in several places on the Malaysian peninsula, with conditions worsening considerably yesterday. In Singapore, readings on the Pollutant Standards Index

Sabah to train conservation officers from Asean, Africa, South Asia

15 June, 2013
By Ruben Sario | Source: ANN

Sabah’s environmental conservation efforts is set to become the backdrop of an international training programme under a joint Malaysian and Japanese effort. The Integrated Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Training Course would see government officers

Malaysia urged to stop all forms of cigarette sponsorship

31 May, 2013
By The Star | Source: News Desk

The Malaysian Council for Tobacco Control (MCTC) has called for a comprehensive ban on the advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products to prevent more smoking-related deaths. Its deputy president Dr Mymoon Alias said

Najib failed to sign deal brokered by Jusuf, says Anwar

28 May, 2013
By Florence A. Samy | Source: The Star

Malaysian Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim alleged the peace accord between him and Najib Razak, brokered by former Indonesian vice president Jusuf Kalla before the general election, was rendered null and void because the prime

Malaysian poll body seeks election law review

27 May, 2013
By Razak Ahmad | Source: The Star

The Malaysian Election Commission (EC) will soon begin a review of election laws and voter registration procedures to deal with complaints such as unusually large number of voters registered at the same address. Among

Malaysia moves to prevent conflict of interest in govt deals

22 May, 2013
By The Star | Source: ANN

All members of the administration and their immediate families should be barred from bidding for government contracts, says the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com­mission (MACC). This is one of the proposals mooted by the commission’s consultation

Malaysia Announces New Cabinet Line-up

16 May, 2013
By The Star

Published on 16 May 2013 Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled a cabinet to drive through his ambitious economic and political transformation agenda on Wednesday. He said the cabinet included a mix of technocrats and

Malaysian O&G Expects Large Acquisitions

15 May, 2013
By The Star

Malaysia’s oil and gas (O&G) acquisitions are expected to total between RM10bil and RM15bil this year, as players look to acquire expertise and reserves out of their horizon to ride sectoral growth. Singapore-based Deloitte