E-Commerce in the New Normal

4 June, 2020
By CARI | 5 June 2020

CARI Analysis: E-Commerce in the New Normal Author: Imran Said Shamsunahar | Research Editor: Eleen Ooi Yi Ling Webmaster: Nor Amirah Mohd Aminuddin | Supervisor: Hong Jukhee 1) E-Commerce has seen a surge due

Are central banks in ASEAN in a sweet spot?

13 September, 2017
By Debapriya Mukherjee, CFA | 12 September 2017

The inflation conundrum In recent months, we have been observing a rise in growth with low inflation numbers. The puzzle is that inflation remains tepid amid rising growth with labor markets near full employment.

Trump’s America and the Asian Spillover

22 November, 2016
By Dr. Arup Raha | 20 November 2016

​​Summary With the upcoming Trump presidency and Republican control of the House and Senate, this article looks at the possible changes to US policy and how that might affect Asia. It focuses on fiscal,

ASEAN Trade – Has Misery Created Opportunity?

19 October, 2016
By Dr. Arup Raha and Marisha Naz | 19 October 2017

One of the main reasons behind the downshift in global growth has been the structural decline in global trade (Figure 1). For ASEAN economies, this has been particularly relevant given their dependence on the