ASEAN’s biggest hope is ASEAN itself

27 July, 2020
By Paolo R. Vergano | 27 July 2020

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 27 July – 2 August 2020 edition. The COVID-19 global pandemic has already had a major impact on the global trading system. Supply chains are being disrupted and trade

The future of Asian conservation

1 June, 2020
By Chandran Nair | 1 June 2020

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 1-7 June 2020 edition. On February 24, an industry worth US$74 billion and that employed 14 million people was shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This was not

ASEAN in crisis and its preparedness against COVID-19

22 April, 2020
By Hanim Hamzah | 22 April 2020

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 20 April – 26 April 2020 edition. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN, established through the ASEAN Declaration of 8 August 1967 identifies its roots based on

Loong on China | China and Myanmar – Friends with benefits

3 March, 2020
By Pauline Loong | 2 March 2020

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 2 – 8 March 2020 edition. The state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Myanmar in January could not have been better timed. Just weeks before, Myanmar’s leader

Whistleblowing laws in ASEAN in the context of ease of doing business

26 November, 2019
By Hanim Hamzah | 26 November 2019

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 25 November – 1 December 2019 edition. The World Bank Doing Business 2020 Report cited improvements in the ease of doing business in four ASEAN countries, with Singapore maintaining

Loong on China | US-China rivalry: The Hong Kong dimension

4 November, 2019
By Pauline Loong | 4 November 2019

Originally published in TheEdge Malaysia, 4 – 10 November 2019 edition. Whatever the next policy move or interim deal between Washington and Beijing, the days of friendly competition are over. And the massive street

French Fintech and Malaysia

11 October, 2019
By H.E. Frédéric Laplanche | 11 October 2019

As a speaker at the Smart Showcase Series – The Future of Fintech in ASEAN conference, organised by CIMB ASEAN Research Institute (CARI) in August, I realised that cooperation between France and Malaysia on

Japan to the rescue?

27 August, 2019
By Imran Shamsunahar | 27 August 2019

It’s fair to say that ASEAN is finding itself in between a rock and a hard place. With the trade war between the US and China seeing no sign of concluding, the region’s export-oriented